Preventative Maintenance

Specialized Roofing Company recommends regularly scheduled Roof Inspections that will help detect minor problems before they become serious, thus avoiding interruptions of the building’s functions and most importantly protecting the Owner’s investment by adding years to the life of the roof.  Once the inspection is performed, a report is provided with our observations and recommendations for the continued maintenance of your roof.  The best time to inspect roofs is both in the spring and the fall.  This allows us to clear the roof drains and gutters in the spring and to assess any issues that may be present after the harsh winter weather.  Then in the fall after the leaves have fallen, it is important to clear them as well as any vegetation or debris from the summer, to protect the roof through the upcoming winter.

Did you know….In many instances your existing commercial roof warranty requires specific and documented Preventive Maintenance?  Specialized Roofing Company is knowledgeable and experienced in determining what issues you are accountable for to sustain your manufacturer’s warranty and can help you in maintaining the integrity of your roof.  Please call us at 978-670-9090 to schedule a free inspection and make arrangements for your biannual PM work today.